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LIVE Stream 1st Green Lab Symposium:

Welcome from Green Building   Switzerland

Dr. Peter Burkhalter, CEO Green Building Switzerland


Agenda and program

Sibylle Brunner, Debuty CEO Green Building Switzerland

Trends for Labs of the Future


Quantified sustainability for the Labs of the future

Egbert Dittrich, Deputy Managing Director EGNATON

Sustainable Labs at UCL, Buildings, LEAF, and more

Martin Farley, UCL Sustainability Lab Advisor

Swiss energy and climate policy and Green Labs

Dr. Kurt Bisang, BFE Deputy Head of Energy Efficiency

and Renewables Division

1st Panel Discussion

Gerd, Martin, Kurt, Egbert

Are you looking to be a more   Sustainable Lab user or supplier?
How can you get started and what lessons have we learnt together already?

Raj Patey, ACT Label Consultant

Future safety of the Lab in Switzerland 

Dr. Silvan Aschwanden, Suva | Bereich Chemie, Physik   & Ergonomie 

Technical Solutions for Flexible Labs

Hansjürg Lüdi, CEO H.Lüdi AG

Why is digitalization the foundation for the lab of the future?

Jens Feddern, Siemens, Head VM Life Science Switzerland

2nd Panel Discussion

Silvan,  Hansjürg, Jens,  Raj

Results Workshop Sustainability

Gerd Voith

Results Workshop Flexibility

Silvan Huber

Results Workshop Safety

Thomas Riffel

Priority Voting

all Participants



Follow up Activities and Priorities

Priority Voting

Please vote your priority on the presented Follow Up Activities:

  SAFETY: GREEN LAB guide - how to implement legal requirements   SAFETY: Joined approach with SWKI for a laboratory ventilation concept   SAFETY: Initiate standard for the new EKAS 1871 Laboratory Concept   SUSTAINABILITY: spread/share the knowledge in life science companies – events on the pharma organisation – key players   SUSTAINABILITY: connect with swiss education organisation | or social media chanel as youtube, etc.   SUSTAINABILITY: setting clear goals | collect data | colaborate with other organisation (globaly)   FLEXIBILITY: Improvement in the planning of a Lab building is required •Education / Certification to become “Laboratory Planner”   FLEXIBILITY: Establish a concept to make lab buildings comparable •Collect data of existing lab building to publish a “today’s benchmark   FLEXIBILITY: Checklist and Guidance: How much flexibility is really required, depending on the area of the lab

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