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30.06.2021    16:00 - 17:45 Uhr

Digitalization's impact on the future lab 
How to cope with the wind of change in Research & Development

R&D is changing dramatically and is heavily impacted by automation and digitalization. New products and solutions are more and more part of an (digital) eco system so collaboration between all disciplines will be key for future success.

  • What are the expectations of the new researcher's generation in their laboratories?
  • How does digitalization influence all disciplines and processes?
  • What are current road blockers and what needs to change to meet future requirements?
  • Where is the link between a single pipe and an orchester?

We will involve impacted people, so two researchers by hard will share their views about the changes in R&D and future requirements for their labs.

In addition, two industry experts will analyze these requirements regarding their impact on the digitalization and interaction of the R&D infrastructure.

Your speakers:

Dr. Linda Brütsch

Dr. Frank Petersen

Lorenzo Nanetti

Jens Feddern

Nestlé Research

Associate Specialist in
Particle Systems Group


Executive Director Natural Products and
Biomolecular Chemistry 

Atos AG

Partner Health & Life Sciences – Business, Management Consulting 

Siemens Schweiz AG

Head Vertical Market Life Sciecnes

Your program:


Experiences in R&D Technology Trends impacting Lab & Building Design

Dr. Frank Petersen   


Attracting new Talents: what are their Expectations?    

Dr. Linda Brütsch


Digitalization's Impact on the Research and its Environment in the Future

Lorenzo Nanetti


Ideas and Proposals: how to meet the Future Requirements 

Jens Feddern


Live Panel Discussion: 

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